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United American Medicare insurance can bridge the gap between what Original Medicare pays and what you as a plan participate are expected to pay out-of-pocket. Operating throughout 49 states as well as the District of Columbia and Canada, United American is a Medigap provider offering Medicare supplement insurance to lessen the burden of Medicare co-pays, co-insurance responsibilities and deductibles.

With United American as your Medigap Insurance Company, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about not getting your Medicare supplement insurance renewed. Whereas another Medigap provider may decline you The United American Guaranteed Renewal policy protects you from losing your valuable coverage at the times that you need it the most.

United American Medicare Insurance is as portable as you need it to be. Whether you move to a new location or change employment, your Medicare supplement insurance will stay in place. And if you pay your Medicare supplement insurance premiums on time, United American will never cancel your policy.

United American also offers  Medicare supplement insurance as a group plan.

The Group Retiree Health Plan from United American offers employers, associations and unions a flexible way to provide medical liability insurance to members or employees following retirement. Retirees who are eligible for Medicare benefits can enroll in this United American Medicare insurance group plan with guaranteed acceptance. Although it is a group plan, United American offers the best in individual service.  Losing your health coverage following retirement can leave you under-protected. Even though Original Medicare covers many health service costs, few Americans can afford the inherent copayments and deductibles required in the plan.

The high cost of healthcare in America means that even a single hospital stay can leave a patient responsible for thousands in residual costs and fees that are not covered by traditional Medicare. United American Medicare supplement insurance can buffer the impact of the financial hardship caused by hospitalization, expensive prescriptions and excessive doctors’ services.

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