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Manhattan Life Medicare insurance offers several  Medicare supplement insurance policies for those who are covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. Since Original Medicare was not designed to completely cover all healthcare costs, most retired Seniors find it of great comfort and support to enroll in supplemental insurance from a Medigap provider such as Manhattan Life. Large out-of-pocket deductibles and co-pays can devastate any family, especially those who live on a fixed income.

As a Medigap insurance company, Manhattan Life offers several Medicare supplement insurance plans, all of which include the following benefits:

The first 3 pints of blood annually.
Coinsurance for hospitalization in Medicare Part A
Supplemental hospitalization services/care in Medicare Part A for an additional full year after Medicare benefits cease.
Hospice services coinsurance for Medicare Part A.
Outpatient hospital services coinsurance in Medicare Part B, whereas approximately 20% of costs are approved by Medicare.

Manhattan Life Medigap Plans

Manhattan Life Plan A provides more coverage than Original Medicare Part A or B, however, this plan is best for patients who do not foresee requiring extensive health services. These benefits include hospital coinsurance and 365-day coverage when Medicare coverage ends. As well, Part B outpatient hospital services coinsurance is included in this plan.

Manhattan Life Plan B of course includes the benefits of the basic plan with the addition of increased hospitalization benefits. It also includes Part A inpatient services hospitalization deductibles.

Manhattan Life Plan C again consists of the basic standard benefits, but additionally is set-up to regulate out-of-pocket expenditures. Plan C also includes Part A deductibles for hospital inpatient care, coinsurance covering stay in a skilled nursing facility for days 21-100, deductible for eligible hospital and medical care as in Part B regarding outpatient services and emergency care for travel outside of the U.S.

Plan D holds all of the standard benefits and extras of Plan C, not including Medicare Part B deductible. Manhattan Life’s Plan D  Medicare supplement insurance includes Part A’s inpatient deductible, coinsurance for 21-100 days of nursing facility care, and foreign travel healthcare coverage.

Plan F is the most thorough coverage plan of all the Medigap insurance packages. No out-of-pocket payments are likely when enrolled in Plan F, which includes all of the basic coverage’s as well as Part B excess charges benefits for overages of the upper limits of average Part B charges.

Manhattan Life’s Plan G  Medicare supplement insurance covers all of the basic benefits, excluding deductible of Part B.

Plan M includes 50% hospital inpatient service deductible of Part A in addition to the basic benefits as discussed above.

Plan N also includes all of the basic benefits as well as coinsurance of Part B 20% of approved Medicare expenditures for outpatient hospital care and deductible of Part A for inpatient hospitalization following co-pay of $50 for ER and/or doctor’s visit copayment of $20.

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